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A top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee is accusing the Navy of withholding information about reports of unidentified aircraft after officially requesting more data on the mysterious encounters.
Navy withholding data on UFO sightings, congressman says


Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, the ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee, asked Secretary Richard V. Spencer in July to outline what resources the Navy is dedicating to investigating the sightings. He also asked if officials have found "physical evidence" to substantiate the claims, and whether they are aware of any foreign nations or private companies that have introduced breakthrough technologies that could explain them.

情报和反恐小组委员会的资深成员、北卡罗来纳州众议员马克 · 沃克在7月份要求国防部长理查德 · v · 斯宾塞概述海军用于调查这些目击事件的信息。他还询问官员们是否找到了“实物证据”来证实这些说法,以及他们是否知道有任何外国或私营公司,引进了可以解释这些说法的突破性技术。

Navy spokesperson Joe Gradisher responded that the service is prepared to accommodate any further congressional requests for information. "At this point in time, however, we have not received any new requests for upxes on this issue," he said by email.

海军发言人乔 · 格雷舍尔回应说,该部门已经准备好一切信息,以满足国会的进一步要求。“然而,到目前为止,我们还没有收到任何关于这个问题的要求,”他在电子邮件中说。

Congressional interest in the unidentified aircraft reports has grown since revelations by POLITICO and other news outlets in late 2017 that the Pentagon had investigated the sightings through a program established a decade earlier by former Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada.

自2017年底,《POLITICO》和其他新闻媒体披露,五角大楼曾通过一个由内华达州前参议员哈里 · 里德在10年前设立的项目,对这些不明飞行物的目击事件进行了调查。

Among the revelations were sightings reported by pilots and other personnel assigned to the USS Nimitz and the USS Theodore Roosevelt battlegroups in 2004, 2015 and 2016, including footage of unknown aircraft exhibiting characteristics that appear to defy known aerodynamic properties. The Pentagon also financed a series of theoretical studies to try to explain how the aircraft might operate — ranging from "Detection and High Resolution Tracking of Vehicles at Hypersonic Velocities" to "Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions."

在这些被揭露的信息中包括,在2004年、2015年和2016年,飞行员和其他分配到尼米兹号航空母舰和罗斯福航空母舰空军战斗群的人员的目击报告中,一些未知飞行物的镜头,显示出违反已知空气动力学的特征。 五角大楼还资助了一系列理论研究,试图解释这种飞行物可能是如何运行的——解释范围从“高超音速飞行器的探测和高分辨率跟踪”到“曲速驱动,暗物质和高维度的操作”

Members of Congress on several oversight committees have also sought classified briefings from the Pentagon on the research in recent months.
The Navy has insisted it is taking the reports seriously, including the potential the sightings could be explained by "unmanned aerial systems," or pilotless drones. Modly's brief letter to Walker, for example, explains that "the wide proliferation and availability of inexpensive unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has increasingly made airspace de-confliction an issue for our aviators."

美国海军坚持认真对待这些报告,包括可能的目击可以用无人机来解释。 例如,莫德里在给沃克的简短信中解释道: “廉价无人机的广泛应用和普及,使得空域冲突日益成为我们飞行员面临的一个问题。”

Modly's response added that "naval aircrews have been provided reporting guidance to determine the frequency and location of UAS operating in training areas," and that the Navy "continues to dedicate resources to the tracking and investigation of reports that could affect the safety of our aircrews."

莫德利回应补充说,“海军机组人员已经得到指导报告,用来确定无人机在训练区域的频率和位置” ,海军“将继续投入资源,追踪和调查可能影响我们机组人员安全的报告”

"If the Navy believes that China or Russia possesses advanced aerospace technologies that represent a national security vulnerability, the American people have the right to know what their government is doing about it," he said in his statement to POLITICO.


In the recent interview, Walker, a former pastor, also acknowledged that he is open to the possibility that there are no easy explanations — or the answers could change how humanity perceives the known universe.


"The way I look at this: What if [U.S. government agencies] already do know about it but the rest of us don’t?" he added. "I certainly have an open mind to see where this leads us. We are going to stay on the issue and follow through like we said we wanted to do."

“我对此的看法是: 如果美国政府机构确实知道这件事,而我们其他人不知道,那该怎么办? ”沃克补充道。 “我当然持有开发的心态,看看这会把我们导向何方。 我们将继续关注这个问题,并像我们说过的那样坚持到底。”
(上图)情报和反恐小组委员会的资深成员、北卡罗来纳州众议员:马克 · 沃克